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October 31, 2009


Sometimes we need love
but then, we realize it is forbidden for us

Sometimes we need to share
but then, we realize it is personal

Sometimes we ought to be lonely
but then, we realize that loneliness is better

Sometimes we offer care rather than ignorance
but then, we realize its us who needed attention

Sometimes we struggle to discover happiness
but then, we realize happy is attitude-related, not event

Sometimes we're driven to accomplish missions
but then, we realize they are absurd

Sometimes listening is better than talking
but then, we realize that both are better than doing nothing


Sometimes we choose to wait
but then, we realize there is another one waiting, for us~

October 12, 2009


Guess Im still dont even know how to eat corn the proper way

Please dont blame me. It takes ultimate care and emotional details
to finish this corn as you may

Looks like i'll never be able to learn the 'technique' again
Hope not~


October 10, 2009

The making of THE MAKING

It was obvious that this is the beginning of a new chapter
So I would like to announce
Today is the making of THE MAKING

Maybe YOU dont care. Neither YOU will realise
As long as im the director of THE MAKING
I will conduct and plan everything for the making

Hence my fellow friends, colleagues, and even acquaintances, lets get started
I am an all man
Thus the main character, antagonist, side actor,cameramen,scriptwriter and even props
They will be played by me

As long as im alive.
This new chapter would keep continuing
Without THE END