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August 13, 2010


What should I do now?

August 7, 2010


If u ask me. How do I value friendship. I rather say nothing.

Because everyone might get difference message, depends on basic thinking skills and paradigm

However, if you see nothing. Do not worry please, because i am not that ignorance.

In the mean time, i live my life to the fullest, put my greatest gratitude for Him and
discover more as we learn new things in life every second.

Unfortunately, facing hot headed person simply triggered my old behavior which obviously
must be released. I understand people have different opinion as we have different 'heads'.

the difference in idea, why dont we unite under one flag. The flag of truth.
People nowadays easily become emotional just because simple matters. They failed to differentiate between emotion and rationale, which seriously, must be distinguished properly.

Ridiculous, people seems to make enemies more than creating friendship.
It is a total looser attitude when homo-sapien rely on emotion ONLY to make friends.
it is true, that we need companion to share the same feelings. However, when you tend to judge at first sight and openly declaring war surely is something hard to forget.

Somehow, I wonder how these kind of person survive within the society. Maybe they dont
face enough challenge and unluckily stay in the comfort zone.
' buku bertemu ruas' .. Now you know...

August 2, 2010


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