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March 13, 2010

3 layers~

"Manusia ni ada 3 layer sikap. Biasenye ko kenal org sampai layer kedua jer. Tapi sepatutnya kita kenal sampai layer ke3, then bru bley bwt judgement, mase ni r ade yg mula berkenan, ada yg mula rasa menyampah ada yg mula berputik rasa c....."

This quote, I expressed last night when my so-called-bachelor friends had some interesting bachelor's talk. We're discussing a lot of serious matter regarding this college when suddenly one of us triggered about this topic.

The respon was predictable. We, I mean, me, without hesitation quoted this philosophy. So, let me explain further this quote. Basically, inter-human relationship will face 3 stages or 3 layers to reach the final ending. The ending is related, based on the understanding of the 3rd layer of this relationship.

1st layer - this is the 'ice-breaking' period. this is the stage when you know the person usually based on first impression. In the 1st layer, people tend to get better understanding by being kind, friendly, compassionate, and try to please the person. I may say that in this stage, each friend does not really understand and know each other properly.

2nd layer - at this stage, people are usually very complaisant with their relationship. they might feel that they've know the person well enough but the pathetic truth is they dont. this is the most vital part, not to be taken for granted. i would like to emphasize on this point, truly, people seems to understand each other more at this stage. however, one must take note that the 2nd layer of human are not the real one.
personal advise : do not hesitate to investigate more onto the 3rd layer. this is the most vital stage where people need and usually decide their 'degree of relationship'.

3rd layer - COMPLICATED. this is the best word to describe the 3rd stage. I admit,reaching this stage takes sheer commitment and determination. despite the suffer and sacrifice, reaching this stage will indicate your real relationship with others. sincerity and honesty, this two elements are very important in determining your long lasting relationship. The 3rd layer, is the stage where people usually decide their best friends, soulmate, and real friends. in most cases, friends tend to be further apart when they finally discover the the 3rd layer of oneself.

To conclude,pleasepleasepleaseplease dont misunderstood my message. In any relationship, we must not expect perfection. Perfectionist are hard to be pleased. As a good friend, try to accept the weakness and treasure the uniqueness. My point is do not take lightly this inter-human relationship skills, yes, it takes experience to learn this, as one might say it is the best teacher, but atleast with this points we are well prepared. So long..


'"Everyone is a friend, until they prove otherwise."


Mohammad Aiman said...

great post!
really useful..

x sangke lak aku yg kita kawan ni, macam telur..
kulit, putih, kuning.. haha..

anyway, nice.. ko jadi motivater la..

(wei, nak no ko.. aku nak tye pasal course ko n yayasan tenaga)

eju said...

suka post ni! =)
tp masalahnye, org suke judge org lain walaupun baru kenal takat 2nd layer.. *sigh*

Hiz'da said...

aiman : haha now u know.. its life. u must learn this.. tmbh2 nk msok tertiary edu nih..
thx,.. klau ade rezki aq keje motivator part time je kot :P

eju : huhu.. itula mslhnyer..

nina mazlan said...

bez post!
bla nak stori kat ak;)

P-33D said...

lately ko asyk ber bachelor talk je...
tyme tu, msti aku da ttdo...
cam siot...

Zaidi Sarifuddin said...

terbaik la la sbnrnye yg aku cuba nak sampaikan kat ko slame nih..hahaha