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May 15, 2009

You are in a critical situation if you.......!!

     Salam WBT again everyone. Today im gonna share my piece of thoughts about something. This is very important. For each of us, it it vital not to  take for granted to this sharing and caring opinion. Okay! Lets save our time and ill just go straight to the point. 

Friends! Nowadays, Malaysians are in a very critical situation. They are confused. They cant differentiate which is the right thing to do and which is not. They do not believe for what their ancestors do. They try to make some reformation but it seems they just aggravate the situation. This is what happened when we try to solve a problem using the wrong solution. It is like giving a HIV patient the Influenza A vaccine. So the question is... What is the REAL problem here. This fellow Malaysia citizen comprises of various ethnicity and numbers of races. We do have the same mission but  we do not get the same feeling on 'fighting' for our rights. Our teenagers are messing around without hope. The students are starting to overpower the authority. Children seems to be free and dont even need their parents anymore to make decisions. 

What im trying to say is this. Today, it is 16th May 2009. Meaning.. we have about 6months and 11 years to go in achieving our 'Wawasan 2020' that was intelligently visioned by our respective ex-PM, Tun Dr Mahathir. There are 9 challenges we need to overcome to achieve OUR dream, to be the DEVELOPED country. 

But the problem is..! We seems to ignore the worst problem. Our MENTALITY. At this moment, we are already the top 30 developing country as stated in the Geneva Convention for the developing country. Im sorry to say this but the fact that our mentality is still at the 3rd class is true.  Even the 'experts' admit this. So what ive done is, ive observed and researched. What are the likes of these Malaysian that will brought ourselves to the worst situation ever if WE dont change them.

I write this as an advice and reminder for Me and my fellow friends. What are the 'images' that would bring YOU down, which means MALAYSIA to the worse situation.

  1. The authorities 'scared' to be brought down
  2. The laws only act as a nation complement
  3. Citizens  REALLY confused about who is right and who is wrong
  4. Teenagers are free from their parents
  5. Students starting to have grudge to their teachers
  6. Chain of hatred among friends cant be broken
  7. Parents dont show the best 'role model' quality
  8. Citizens make final judgement at first sight
  9. Dating is normal while being single portrays abnormality
  10. Neighbours are strangers
  11. Everyone want to do everything
  12. Reading in the train,LRT,bus,car etc is said to be geeky
  13. Childrens used to share problems with their friends rather than parents
  14. Having a child is a burden for parents
  15. We love cars,clothes, and houses more than books
I wish i could state more but i think this is enough for now. These are the obvious ones and they are HAPPENING, spreading rapidly thoughout our lovely nation. 

Anyone that has additonal information can post your comment. Ill add them to my list.



papercat said...



such a nice writing..ermm..

ermm..thats what really happening nowadays..

so yok..belia3..yok kite majukn negara..muahaha...

Hiz'da said...

hiz'da>papercat: hurm... thx2.. 'hidup biar berjasa'..

.:.nurhidayah.:. said...


Berat masalah yg ko rungkai ni.
btw,it's REALITY,cant be denied.

institusi keluarga makin runtuh,dats y all da probs occured.

i think we r da one dat realize da prob shud changed ourself 1st b4 tryin' 2 fix others.

Hiz'da said...

dayah>> berat2,,, heh.. yup..

imanshah said...

kat barat institusi keluarga runtuh gak, tapi boleh je maju..

Cuma kita nyer goment kurang bagi penekanan bagaimana nak set minda rakyatnya pada mentaliti dunia kelas pertama.

N then, wawasan 2020 tu memang tak leh capai..bukan menidakkan harapan menggunung bekas PM kita, tapi dalam keaadaan ekonomi macam ni yg tak berkesudahan, n also soal perubahan kepimpinan..Kalau dalam PR 13 nanti Pakatan Rakyat menang, tak pasti 2020 akan ada ..

Hiz'da said...

hizda>imanshah: pembtln yer.. kt barat institusi keluarga rntuh slpas dorg maju.. MALAYSIA ni blm maju dah runtuh institusi keluarga. ni la ape terjadi kalau sebok nk meniru laen..