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May 12, 2009

Totally New ME

Theory of Evolution? Bullshit!!

First and foremost.. Kindly ignore this evolution pic. Im juz having fun ow.. ermm.. lacking of idea, or i could say ive no idea at all to put a picture that is related to this post..
p/s: no sensivity plzz..

Ehem.. 'Lets turn over a new leaf' - thx blonde.. A very..Yerp, VERY meaning sentence for me.. and of coz U(blonde).. For me..  Ive decided, drastically, to change my blog.. Yeah! See!! its totally a new ME.. This action indicates that I will be a differrent person. From Now On.. Lets c a brighter future.. No.. The brightest one! I mean it. Aiming For it!!

Changing this blog appearance doesnt truly show my optimisism.. SO.. I hereby declare... I will Be the new Guy/Man/Person.. Just let the time decide.. and YOU! witness the evolution.


ninja berbasikal said...

ok. we'll see then. haha

FiQnocchio a.k.a kipas-ssh-mati Real Madrid said...

warne biru seh layout baru..
i like..i like...

new harinn eh..?
cam nk jd cam tomok je ni..
tomok baru...
ko lak the new harinn..
orait le tu...

Al Falah Al Has said...


mu kne ajor aku cmne nk tukor wajah blog aku..aku nk lg x nk everything yg penat aku wat selame ni ilang..okies????

Hiz'da said...

aid> OK!

kipas> haha.. xnk ah jd cam tomok.. laen dowh.. die yg tru akuh..

falah> haha.. ok2.. tp susa sket ar..