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December 14, 2009


Have u ever heard about the 7 wonders in the world? Well. They are mostly*of course well known.

Have u ever heard about one of the greatest human creation, the Pyramid?

Have u ever heard about the symbol of love from Shah Jehan for his beloved spouse, Mumtaz? He built, well not really he was the one who BUILT the Taj Mahal but the most important point is, he dedicate the Taj Mahal for her.

Have u ever heard about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Well.. king Nebuchadnezzar ll
built them to please his sick wife Amytis of Media.


Now answer me. Have u ever heard about the God creation called

They are obviously genius.

These human are born with
2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands, 2 legs,
1 nose 1 mouth 1 **** and
the most importantly
1 heart

Its obvious the less organs they are given, its harder to keep them
and the responsibility is greater to ensure they are

example: 2 eyes may affect only
themselves, but the 1 mouth can affect themselves
and others. this indicate that the mouth
is harder to be taken care of


remember the most important organ
that they were given is the HEART
its THE heart
its only THE.
and the THE means something special.

religious view : belief that the HEART may blacken or whiten*depends on sins and deeds*
logics : the HEART may stored emotional value
fact : the HEART may overtake the brain

the most important point is..
every action made by other organs would affect the HEART

example : when they use their eyes, careful, it may affect the HEART
when they use their mouth, careful, it may affect the HEART(if not them, others)
when they use their ears, listen carefully, it may affect the HEART

Ironically. Most of these so-called-genius-human dont even
notice the important of the HEART.
Yeah they may did some research that smoking may affect heart and lead
to cancer bla3...
they dont realise that a simple gesture such as
touching with their hands can affect the HEART

simple conversations may affect the HEART

simple view may affect the HEART

i guess they havent made any research about that, yet.
its up to them.



eju said...

sbijik mcm forward msg yg pasal jagalah hati sbb hati hanya ada 1 etc etc

btw, nice post =)

Hiz'da said...

ko jek yg 4ward msg cmtuh eju! haha

*AFzYim~ said...


awe said...


arina said...

kurang faham tapi like

zephyr said...

nice post ketam

karakoza said...

Interesting...I just learn about heart in my case study last week. Coincidence?

John L said...

Other organs can affect the heart, p***s can affect the heart. XD

eju said...

ko saje je kan tiru aku tukar template. mane link blog aku?!!

*eyt, shoutbox ko xleh gune sey*

Hiz'da said...

haha.. mne de.. aq mmg nk tuka.. tp mls.. tgk ko da tka.. smgt gakz ;P