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June 13, 2009

Wonderful Trip TO Pangkor~

Zoom Malaysia! Banyak utk dilawati,banyak lg utk diterokai.
Malaysia Truly Asia...~~
Before I move on to my post.
Let ME urge you to enthusiastically discover MALAYSIA !!
Especially the Malaysian readers, why do you go overseas when our lovely nation
also has truly amazing places to be visited?
Pulau Pangkor!One of the best! Lets go!


The best refreshment is the mind relaxation. Hu.. Maybe because of this, my dad brought us to the Pangkor Island on the 11th June. Well. It was 4 years ago(maybe) since my last family gathering. Yeah My big bro is studying in Johor, lil bro in Pahang, Me.. Perak.. In additon, my father's occupation also had him struggles, working 6 days per week. It takes REAL holiday to gather the five of us.

I take this opportunity to forget the past and looking forward for the brighter future. But i cant help it.Still, ive been forced to relate the past with the current situation. Analysing mistakes, and learn from them. That is the true meaning of success. We wont face failure if we fail. We will face failure if we give up. It is never too late. Success is a journey, not a destination.
Herm.. Not much to say.. Juz enjoy the pictures..

I adore this picture a lot,Duno why..Nice snap, isnt it?

Snorkeling..Yeah.. The best activity.. I fed the fish with the Gardenia bread.
It is truly amazing, sincerely i cant describe the real feeling, witnessing them swiming at the edge of the rocks, then greedily bite the pieces of bread. However......

They did bite my cute finger..huu.. Bad fish..
Im kidding aite?
Im just kidding..
This is what happen when Im enthusiastically watching the fish
not knowing there is a huge rock in front.. As a result.. Here it is..
No big deal..Minor injury for major self enrichment.. hehs

err.. Well.. This is me when im lost and totally have no idea what to do~

Extremely exhausted.. me..
Ive been in the water for about 1 1/2 hours..

Owh pkcik..tanpamu siapalah kami..
Huhu.. Im glad that ive successfully snap this picture..This is the man behind the scene. Without him, we wont arrived at Pangkor..safely..
We Owe you pkcik..!! Terima kasih!


This trip surely struck a memorable lightning through me. I never know this 3 days,well-planned trip would be the best family trip ever. Thank you to my ABu n Umi for this trip. Looking for more..XD


Robot Jamban said...

ketam menyelam

aimisyafiqah said...

"why do you go overseas when our lovely nation
also has truly amazing places to be visited?"

Terase ar

Hiz'da said...

ops..? yeker? sowi2...
sape mkn cili rase smbal..haha~

falah said...


msia truly asia..hahaha...

such an interesting trip..wah3..bgos3..btw..adik ko blajo kat jhr??
kat ne??muahaha...

btw..i think enough on going vacation n etc..u should focusing on how to maintain ur tummy..hahahaha..

imanshah said...

Zoom Malaysia tu zaman Azalina Othman Said..sekarang zaman Ng Yen Yen..huhu..agree with Robot Jamban : Ketam menyelam!!

FiQnocchio si kipas-ssh-mati Real Madrid said...

fuh, cuti2 msia seh...
aku rs ko ptt gi 8tv, wat shooting dgn Qi Razali utk Destinasi Bajet season akan dtg...

*oh ya, thx for Kaka korg..hehe..=P*

ZaCkG fRiDzHa said...

rambut ko panjang...
awat tak duk kat teluk dalam resort? lg best!
ketam kembali ke habitat asal...

Ate3_y said...

wah bestnyer bercuti...

a q i l a h :D said...

i love snorkling too ;pp
but y wear dat safety?
ta reti swimming eh?

Hiz'da said...

qiela> ntah.. sumer org pkai.maybe time nek bot kne pkai.. then mls nk bukak... gpun lg besh kot pkai tuh..

karakoza said...

weee...ketam brgembira menyelam di habitat asal..