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June 17, 2009

We Are The STARs

At the moment I stare at those sparkling STARs, I realised there must some reasonable answers for that incident and their existence. I think... think... and think.. Still thinking...~
Then I realised the fact that each STARs have their own 'power source'. The Sun.. It is one of the STARs. The mighty, gigantic Sun, that sized 50 000 000 larger than this tiny earth - lighten our world, produce heat for temperature balance, enabled the plants to undergo Photosynthesis-the starting point for all chains..(food chain).. Yes.. The STARs are surely priceless..

Then, I glimpse at my fellow STARs, why not.. we become,behave, and bestowed like the stars, at least take the Sun as an example. It is the closest one. We too.. have our own power to succeed. We too... have the will to overcome others. We too.. can brigthen others... We too.. responsible to each other.. We too.. still can succeed alone... We too.. Never and won't stop shining..

Well...Talking about failure.. The Sun too... doesnt produce its flares all the time.. But when time comes. Even the earth would be in hell. So.. This is the time to produce our flares dear STARIANS..

The incredible Taj Mahal was not built in 10 years time. It takes hundreds...
The enormous pyramids takes hundred years, sacrifice thousands soul, and need powerful leadership..

Success is a journey.. not a destination.

It doesnt matter where you are now.From the 'ceruk' somewhere in the Sabak Bernam, to somewhere overseas at the other side of this earth beneath Malaysia. The truth is.. its all depends on YOURSELF.

"no one on the face of this earth can make you feel inferior without your permission"

The most vital thing now is to have your own goals. It is really important. Till all of you would realise this, if you do have a goal.. it is better to digress a little or achieve just a small fraction of that goal. Rather than having nothing because you've no goals. Goals must be specific, reasonable, and workout with consistent effort. Keep on networking because we are born to help each other. BE READY.. to face a totally different world than that funny, typical Sekolah Berasrama Penuh.

Till we meet again. GOODLUCK and 'HELLO the better STARs'

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