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June 5, 2009

Tribute to My Harsh Reality of Life~

It has been a hectic day since my last visit to the beloved alma mater. Well. There's rumors about the crashing era(I cant remember when we are on top) of STAR. I thought my last year there(2008) was the RENAISSANCE era for them. I mean US. Still, i cant help rather than being NOTHING. Yes. Truly my soul was no longer there, my mind had already awaken,ive digrees the way im thinking. Sorry to say STAR, ive got to continue my own life. No more 'ALL FOR YOU'.

To be candid, im very thankful to be there. Maybe some of US totally disagree with me but this is the fact bro. Some of us blame the institution for being failed. Really, there is no other reason for failure rather than you, yourself. It is better to fail now bro. Because there's still more time to go.Improve yourself, be a better person. Dont fail again, though it is possible.Great person learn(and improve) from their previous failure, they dont learn how to fail. XD.. I write this as a preparation(mentally) for my admission to KYUEM. Ive longed to be there since F4. Yes.! Some of US did laugh and make fun of me when I shared my dream because it seems impossible, for me. But guys. Nothing impossible yarh. The barrier is built by your mind. 'Mind barrier', the most common and dangerous disease among all. Citizens are aware of H1N1 or Influenza A or Swine Flu... whatever its called. But let me remind you about this 'Mind Barrier'.

You are what you are. There are several factors of success. In this case I recommend you to read the infamous book '7 Habits of Highly Successful People- Steven R.Covey'. Master your mind before infiltrating into it. Law of attraction is one of the best philosophy. Try reading this book to master your own soul.

This 14th July, i'll admit to one of the famous prep institution. Geniuses, high achievers, there are ALL there. What should I do? Yeah.. The best thing I can do is by being myself. Thank God. Im going to be ME.

Aid, Farid,Faiz, Blonde, Badang,.. Lets make history.. Hope U r with me..~ XD


ninja berbasikal said...

yup i agrees
and next, lets just head to KYUEM, and no more looking back to the past.

akmalamri said...

argh stress..

aku dah taip panjang dah komen tadi. siot.

ok, aku taip balik

is it true that you have been looking forward to be a kyuemian since 2 years ago? funny though, as i am longing to go back to my previous 2 years there.

worry not about looking forward once u are there, since in kyuem, people can easily forget their past sometime.. life there is such an incomparable one.

but i better keep much of the thing in the fold and i am not going to tell you every bit of the surprises you will face in about 1 month time. :-)

till then, see ya

Hiz'da said...

aid> hehs.. ok lets go..

akmal> . yeah.. better not.. ill face the reality there..
c ya too~

Ate3_y said...


kau un masuk kyuem ke??

same arr...

yeh! ni yg excited ni ade gak org yg aku kenal rupenye...kwn blogger un kire ok ar tu.

eh 14 july ke??

i thought it was 14 jun?

almaz said...

we have the same l0go in our bl0g
admire that u target 4 KYUEM since f4.
i kn0w b0ut it when my seni0r t0ld me last year.
interested.but never expect i'm 1 of them.
so n0w..we r!
my skewlmate xdew yg ms0k july intake.l0nely :(
heh.kidding.start everything new there. c ya!!

awe said...

tahniah harinn
power lah kamoo dpt kyuem
all da best ye

Hiz'da said...

almaz>haha..same logo? hurm... c u too XD~

awe> thx.. ko pun same.. gdluck kt intec~

Zikri Z said...

I'm with you Harin. We have a few things in common to make them proud. One, TNB. Two, STAR. Three, our friends and family. By what Akmal said kat atas tuh, I think it's going to be a surprise. Lol. Well, to a new journey of life!

Q said...

Hey, Harin! Found you!


Anonymous said...

great!suka logo bawah tu!!=)