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June 25, 2009

Pathway To The Better ME~

Ive decided my own path. Road to success. Indeed, this is the latest,beautiful,and the best option(i hope so). Ive faith in my decision. Ive faith in His design. I believe that im not accidentally 'trapped' in this situation. It is properly designed by Him. So there
must be some good reasons. What im going to do is simple. Lets discover the reasons and utilise
my ability to the optimum.

Ive rejected JPA, it is 'okay'.
Ive rejected PETRONAS, someone said this is a ridiculous act.
Now, its Bank Negara.. Ive rejected them too.. This is my firm decision. Some said
ive lost my mind. People mumbling about how stupid of me to reject such
'prestigious' scholarship. Well... My answer is simple. The 'prestigious' scholarship wont take me
to the top. It is me who decide my own pathway..To the top..
True success doesnt lies beneath the scholarship. It stays deep inside our own soul, waiting
for us to decide and make the pathway as clear as possible, for better journey.
So.. Ive find my pathway to success.. How about you?

See you at the top!


Mohamad Baihaqi bin Mohamad Basri said...

there are many ways to be at the top...right?

Hiz'da said...

yes! u r absolutely rite!

Zikri Z said...

what's wrong with TNB?
they need us, Harinn

Hiz'da said...

yerp.. u r rite zikri.. thats y i choose TNB... yeah!

Ate3_y said...

tnb tu bukan yg supply elektrik tu ke??


Syazmin said...

Yeah see u at thr TOP!

falah said...


words utk ko..





papepon..good luck..u knoe what the best for u..

best regard..kui3..