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January 19, 2009

HItler?? Crimal or Heroes?

Adolf Hitler
We need You Now..**Opss..**

Most people blame Adolf Hitler when he founded NAZI and annihilate more than 2million Jews..[if it was true, the fact has been manipulated]..
but.. the irony is they don't seems to think why he did that... Jews from Russia and Austria are the main victim..

In his banned book[in certain country such as Malaysia] he stated that the Jews is the cause of the instability in German at that time.. Hitler.. one of the infamous speaker in his era was labeled as war criminal///..
ok.. lets just ignore his visionary acts.. indeed some of us cant just understand this.. but
try thinking this logic.. what is the different between Hitler and Ehud Olmert(Israel PM)..

Why don't Olmert accused by ICJ[international court of justice)..
What is the true function of PBB.. Arabic Nation.. OS I See (OIC)..??
and what is the rationale of VETO nowadays,, we know that US always use their veto to block resolution from PBB..

In fact.. Malaysia had suggested that OIC should have their own forces... if NATO can.. there is no reason for objection.. the only problem that will occur is the unwillingness of the OIC members. this is reality,, the fact that the meeting in DOHA to take action on Israel was banned by 2 Islamic nation././

Let me reveal the unknown(or we can properly say ignored) facts... there are more than 1 billion Muslims in this world.. most of them are in the middle east.... compared to the Zionis(Israelis), they are no more than 10 millions.. what is the problem??

Though.. its true what our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW had said, " We, the Muslims are like bubbles on the sea". Bubbles on the sea~ This show even though there are numbers of Muslim(more than 1 billion throughout the world now).. the fact that they/we do not combine worsen the situation. Indeed, we know that the arabic muslims still have their 'jahiliyyah' habit.. 'Assabiyyah'.

so.. for now.. let us, the muslims world hope unite. let's forget your clan, race, or nationality. As a muslim, we are all brothers and sisters. One for all, all for one.

I know, a few pessimist people would laugh at me, thinking **what is this idiot dreaming**. Even the powerful UAE, Egypt, Iran, and Saudi Arabia do not take immediate and strategic action to defend the Palestinian. I would say even me, as an amateur writer and observer, can analyze and see, what others nation trying to do now is just treating, curing, and helping the damaged Gaza.

Even worse, some of them launching steps that threatened Gaza badly, causing international conflict. Simple example: What is the rationale reason for Egypt to block the international helps and supplies to Gaza at Rafah/Rajah, the borders of Palestin and Egypt. OK.. The statement given is to avoid the weapon supply into Gaza for the Hamas fighter(mujahiddin)**God bless them all**, but aren't there any officer who suppose in charge to check the supplies? I don't think that is a big problem to solve. This is the fact. MERCY MALAYSIA too had faced this problem when they were trying to enter Gaza. In an addition, why don't they use their forces to stop the Zionis from entering and destroying Gaza if they seems able to do so.
I admit~ This is the biggest problem nowadays. They(you know who) are too afraid to take action against the Zionis even they had already know which one is right side. I wonder maybe the lyrics from Michael Jackson's song, 'BEAT IT' can be used to portray the situation here. Hosni Mubarak(the current Egypt Prime Minister president) don't seems strict and serious in helping his Muslims relatives in Gaza. Yeah!! Maybe he too, frightened by the 'powerful' Zionis, backup by the 'World's Police', America. Obama! Please do something.. This is an advice, not a wish.

Just Beat It, Beat It, Beat It, Beat It
No One Wants To Be Defeated
Showin' How Funky Strong Is Your Fight
It Doesn't Matter Who's Wrong Or Right
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It
Just Beat It, Beat It

Michael Jackson-Beat it

to be continue

bersambung... tunggu erk...

1 comment:

Lioness Milo said...

its actually true.but that's Islam nowadays.
even in Malaysia we already have some conflicts.full of corruption and lies.inikan pula in this whole wide world.
we can already see the function of PBB back years then.NOTHING!
then my suggestion is no need to study bout them in f5 history anymore oh!:D