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August 21, 2009

Life so far?

jUST WANNA sAy. iM eNJOyING mysELf hEre(KYUEM). many things had happen during my 1st month here.
Sorry friends for the lack of information bout me lately. Its getting tougher here. I write this so that u know my latest condition. I got no chance to text all of u alltogether. Hope this post give u the info needed. :)

Update :

  • paticipated in boria, and won
  • bashed in the welcoming party(wet!)
  • managed to discover my pet family (bob,nabilah,norain)
  • currently handling CP(cultural performance) : Publicity manager

House of Courage : Diamond

We performed. And Win! :P


imanshah said...

Boria?? haha macam tak caya

Hiz'da said...

percayalah... :)

arina said...

*dont forget to mention who's ur publicity assistant! ;)

aimisyafiqah said...

Umm... That looks like assakir in ur first pic. is dat true?? if it is, kem salam kt dye ekh. hehe