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July 31, 2009

Dont try this on road!

Yeah! She's a woman.
She's just 18tn.
And she is FILA..
now guys.. take a close look on her picture.
Yeah obviously FILA is driving.. But WTH does she played with her right hand?
Its Apple ipod!
N she was texting sumone while driving..!

Ahaha.. no offense fila...
thx to u, i ve reached my home sweetly, safely, without severe injuries.. hehe :P
aha! n thx too for your great hospitality in ur home!~ XD


imanshah said...

Gantung lesen dia!!

Mohammad Aiman said...

tu bukan iPhone ke??

ipod touch ade speaker ke kat atas tuh?

tu mcm iPhone. tmpat untuk dgr org ckp2..

kalo Ipod pun, camne die texting??