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July 24, 2009

1st Post From KYUEM!

Guys.. Seriously im really sorry for not updating my blog for a long time. It has been a very, i mean it.. VERY bz day. For this induction week, there were such amazing xtvties such as 'samurai', 'johari windows', team building, and many more. Thx to our facys, we managed to come this far, adapting ourselves in this verdant uplands. Now I understand akmal amri's message to me that this KYUEM is very boring, isolated, and u have nowhere to go even if u fly. Thats why the only entertainment in here are something called FRIENDS.

Fyi, Im enjoying myself here. really. Im voted as the BA(Batch Anniversary of batch 11) Director.Thus Im very grateful with the fact that Im given with a skillful and enthusiastic team. Thx to Zully and Ain, my co-director, my high comm Aid,Zik,Anas,Sara,Deena,Razin,Fila,Ashee and the last but not least the beloved batch 12. This Sunday, ill represent Diamond in Boria along with 15 others. Wow. Amazing isnt it? Juz a week here and im ready to dance. Chaiyok Harinn.. :)

Thats it for now. Geez. I managed to on9 using Aslam's Mac. The PC in my chalet is 'laju mcm setan- bak kate aid' and its really pissed me off sometimes.

Till then. These are the picz of BA. NJOY ya! :)

Thx batch 11
Director in-action
Guys.. Listen!
Stars of the night : Blonde,Fez,Radhy
Transformers vs pocong

Credit to banner Team!


Ate3_y said...


u've done a good job lor harinn..

the BA is superb!


xsabar nk tgk hang wat boria..hahak..

Hiz'da said...

hui.. thx ateey.. my team deserved the compliment too.. :)
without them i wouldnt able do this alone.. u too.. thx!

boria? hehe.. prepare to b amazed XD

Syazmin said...

best owh...

Ate3_y said...

yea btol2..when i said harinn, i mean all of your team too..


Hiz'da said...

yeah! n the beloved batch 12 too// XD
nex target:CP. heh :)