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June 19, 2010

Till We meet again!!~

Arep, me, almaz, anati

I post this poem specially for my seniors in KY. Especially arep(seniorla sgt)....

I always tend to avoid great friendship
Because I know it will returns great suffering when the time comes
I always tend to escape heart-to-heart conversation
Because I know it will affect the lonely heart when the time comes
I always tend to start with nothing
Because I know empty spaces will be no more when the time comes
I always tend to forget everything
Because I know what it feels when the time comes
So you know my friend. The time has come. We will be separated for quite a long time. I know my friend. We will never get the chance again, to get the same memories, to preach the same activities, to struggle the same responsibility.
Then I learned my friend. That I was wrong since we first meet. I should never ever tend to escape from reality. It is obvious, friendship will always come along everything. If I can possibly relate friendship with PHYSICS; the conservation of energy.
‘Friendship can’t neither be created nor destroyed’
Because friendship always comes naturally with other elements
Quarrels, hates, arguments, jealousy, compatibility, hobbies, academics, movies, cries, fights,
In the end, friendship will still be the best conclusion

I would not say goodbye my friend
Because ‘bye’ is never good. It is a tragedy.
Till we meet again . FRIENDS


Mohammad Aiman said...

jeles tol masuk kyuem...

ArifZahlan said...

wah...sgguh ak terharu...
saya syg kamoo harinn!!!

virgo_blue91 said...

you want me to dont avoid our friendship but u want to get rid of it

Ate3_y said...


moved to new blog oready.

Hiz'da said...