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December 12, 2010

nothing is simple

mode : kiasu

You see,
when people are out of their mind, they tend to discuss something realistic in unrealistic manner

Let me give some examples;
the debate about 'conspiracy theory'. Sometimes I feel sad when I witness this exhilarating debate. One side strongly obsessed with it, another being stern and opposing the whole concept.
For me, every opinions, or ideas have their own right and and wrong, true and false. So, in any situation, we can not whole-heartily reject something. especially if it is a global issue. How can Dan Brown received enormous supports due to his famous book regarding this theory. Imran Hussein, the great Muslim scholar would not be welcomed around the world to talk about this if there isn't any truth.
Fullstop .

the comment regarding adik Maya, the 14-year-old girl, or women??? *hehe .. she is a simple, modest, religious, and mature young woman, who spark the nation interest*actually it's only Shahrizat* about young marriage. The argument is she is too young to be married and Shahrizat is very concern if she was forced to do so.
okay first, we can't blame Shahrizat totally since it is her 'DUTY' as the Menteri Pembangunan Wanita bla3 .. . . to stand in front of the national act because it is deem 'illegal' to do so. From her point of view, as a menteri, of course she will 'response' to this issue. If not, seriously she might feel like doing nothing and of course, people might 'chat'*you know Malaysians are chatterbox. However, maybe her opinion is not in line with the shariah law which openly allow the marriage. Nevertheless, she is 'doing her job' actually. I put my empathy in her because I can see how responsive the citizens backing adik Maya against Shahrizat. Especially the bloggers.. be patience friends. x)

the Wikileaks phenomenon . now this is interesting. People around the world are now trying to be 'free'. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of ****** ..... and the list go on.........
Back to the topic, Jualian Assange, the founder, who is an ex-hacker*i believe he still do this*, is currently charged for sexual abuse/rape. What a coincidence, when wikilieaks leaks the US diplomatic documents, thousands of them, this man is strictly the wanted man in Sweden. Mr Assange spark the new era of transparency and accountability in the 21st century. Ok the issue is whether it is ethical to do so. First, I agree with Obama when he said this will risk the lives of the soldiers at the front line. I also agree with the statement of MRS Clinton that the diplomatic efforts in the US will be affected. On the other hand, I also agree that this action is necessary for the sake of transparency. They also need a better government without corruption. You see, it is a very ambitious vision, because I agree with the Malaysian MP*i cant remember who*, that ZERO corruption is IMPOSSIBLE. Whether is was a sincere statement or a valid proof that corruption has been our daily 'meals', i don't want to discuss here. but the irony is it a very valid documents or are they just pieces of gossips and ridiculous information. For example, the info about a leader grieving big-breast women. This is interesting eh? *wink2*
In the end, neither side are going to the fundamental issue- ARE WE BEING TRANSPARENT HERE?

To conclude, guys, seriously, please be rational in judging things.
When Tun M vision the 2020, he saw a mature, intellectual teenagers who
will lead the nation in the future.

Personally, I feel disappointed with the people's mentality nowadays.

'we don't judge to be judged. we are judged when we judge'


Taylor Lotner said...

harin ko lukis sndri ke

Hiz'da said...

bukan la.. google jerh.. haha

Hiz'da said...

bukan la.. google jerh.. haha