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November 30, 2009


The Weird Thing About LIFE

You can choose but you might not be chosen

You can leave but you might need it

You can prepare but nobody knows the plan

You can deliver but you cant rely on acceptance

You ought to be loved but you are heartless

You can see the thing but there is nothing

You may love someone but you are someone that cant be loved

You foreseen future but you tend to forget the past

You ignore the present but struggle to identify the absent

You may succeed in getting the unwanted ones
failed to get what you really want

You try hard to let it go
people put their foundation of faith on you

You wait but there's no one coming

*people, u r most welcome to add these on the comment, tenkiu :P*


*AFzYim~ said...

You want people to care about you but you don't care about other people

Hiz'da said...

nice one judo~

eju said...

you can lie to everyone else, but you can't lie to yourself

arina said...

you may leave and run from your past; but they will always find you.

Zephyr said...

u want people to understand u but u never try to understand others

azura said...

one quote: keep moving forward