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February 2, 2009


n heyya!

Maybe i will be attacked by the die hard fans of this famous superheroes icon, Superman but~, hey guys. no offense. No other intention, just want to share this information. Yes! Surely its about the Jews again.

Mate! Do you now that the name [ Kal-El ] means God in the Hebrew language. Superman, a mighty alien superhero created by Jerry Siegel and Joseph Shuster in order to raise the Jews' spirit and determination. Created in 1938, as a character in a comic, this iconic, handsome superhero was very famous indeed influence the people throughout the world.

Try asking a little children, even aged below 10. Even in an isolated places, they would laugh at you if your turn blurred, don't even know Superman. In fact, how important Superman as the Jews' icon was showed when the creator (Siegel & Shuster) were listed in The Jewish Contribution to the 20th Century, the famous book by Alan Symons. Shuster and Siegel also were named as the most important people for the Jews.

1 comment:

Ayie said...

i'm one of superman die hard fans....
pasni ak minat hang tuah plak, hahaha....
tp ak minat cempiang... best dow cte die... hahahaha